How to disable ads on your browser

You’ve probably noticed ads on the web.And while some ads can be annoying and misleading, most of them are actually pretty harmless.For example, most ads on YouTube and Facebook are

How to get a job as a football web designer

The best job is to design the most attractive, entertaining, and user-friendly website.As you can imagine, that can be difficult to achieve when you’re building your own site.There are plenty

How to use your Google Analytics stats for free

The best way to measure Google’s success is to use Google Analytics data.But the way to know whether a search engine is using Google Analytics to its advantage is to

Taiwan’s top three websites to visit, based on 2015 data

Taiwan has three of the world’s top 10 websites, according to a report by the University of Toronto’s School of Business.Taiwan’s three top websites are the country’s main government websites,

How do you get a ‘B’ on the sex offender registry? — NBC News (UPI) title ‘Sex offender registry’ could be a ‘great thing’: Trump adviser

News outlets that have reported on the “sex offender registry” have raised concerns that the website could be used to track and identify people who have sex with people who

How to fold a web page

You may have a question or need help with an article, we have the answers below.If you’re looking for the correct fold method, we also have the exact fold method


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