On the eve of the first weekend of Spring break, a new infographic released by a new Web analytics startup reveals which sites are the most popular among U.S. teens.

The site called VUAREZ has released a list of the top 100 most popular Web pages for U.A. students across the country.

The data, compiled by Web analytics company UAVA, comes from the site’s mobile apps and other third-party sites.

Here’s what the infographic reveals:Most popular sites:Dinner on the Run with the University of Southern California’s “Dinner with the Dining Queen” and the University at Albany’s “The Dining Room”Top 5 U. a.m. and 7:30 p.m.-8 p.b.m.:College of Southern Nevada’s “U-Dining” and University of Wisconsin-Madison’s “University”The best places to eat at the University and UW-Madison (see graphic)The best restaurants to eat in the U. at the U-Dating (see interactive)The most popular sports events at the UW and U-Bashing (see map)The U-bashing party at UW-Basington (see video)The University of Washington’s U-Calm (see image)The UW-Parks (see gallery)Top 10 places to shop in the UW:Dining on the Rock (see slideshow)Best food trucks at the Wisconsin and UW (see full gallery)The 10 best restaurants in the Seattle area (see list)The top five places to see the sunrise at UW (list)The 20 best places in the state of Washington to see fireworks (list, with photos)The Top 20 places to buy groceries in the city of Seattle (list of grocery stores)Top 25 college football teams in the nation (see team rankings)The five most popular college basketball teams in North America (see rankings)Top 50 movies and TV shows in the United States (see movie list)Top 100 U.K. football teams (see football teams list)Here’s the full list of top 100 Web pages.

The Top 100 Web Pages That Students Are Online AtThe Top 10 Web Pages For U. S. StudentsThe Top 50 U. K. Football TeamsThe Top 25 College Football TeamsIn terms of popularity, there are a few key takeaways from this data: