The Turkish soccer team Galatasaryen is one of the most popular online destinations in the world, but the site has been plagued with bugs that are only now coming to light.

It was first reported by Engadgets that the team’s website had been crashing with a number of different issues, including broken search engine results, a broken image search and a missing link in the “Home” section of the website.

While some users have been able to navigate to their home page, others have been having problems getting to their website’s navigation menu, a bug that was spotted by Engamemore, a German tech site.

According to Engamemeore, the site was showing a bug in which the search field would be blank for some users, which could cause the site to crash.

The issue has been fixed for the time being, but some users are reporting a new issue that could impact their experience, namely when attempting to log in to their account.

The bug is apparently a legacy bug, and not related to the site’s new homepage, which has been made more prominent in recent weeks.

While the site is still showing a black background on some users’ computers, there’s no indication that the site will be fixed anytime soon.

In addition to the bug that has been plaguing the site, users are having trouble logging in to the new Galatasharai homepage as well, which seems to have some issues with users’ accounts being created.

The new website is also showing up with an error message stating that an email has not been sent yet, but a new email was sent to the team on Tuesday.

“We’re currently working on the site and we’ll update you soon with more information,” the email read.

“For now, we apologize for the inconvenience.”

The team has not yet confirmed if this issue is related to a previous issue where users were unable to login.

Users have reported the issue on Twitter as well.

We’re aware of a problem with our login form on our Galatassarai site.

We are investigating.

— Galatasa (@galatasa) October 25, 2018 Some users on Twitter have reported that the bug has affected their accounts as well: A tweet from a user with a Twitter handle that is @gavladyfayd posted a message on Tuesday afternoon stating that they were having problems logging in.

“When we try to log into our Galasarai account, the login form is blank,” the tweet reads.

“A message appears saying the account has been suspended.

The account will be reinstated when we get a response from our admin team.”

The user then wrote that the account was “bumped” to a new account and that the login was being “reinstated.”

A tweet by a user named @moktar_takbari responded to this tweet and stated that the problem was being resolved.

“The login was reinstated.

The login was suspended.

I will not be updating my twitter account with this information.”

Users have also posted on social media to share their experiences with the issue.

Some users have also commented on the bug, saying they’re seeing the issue with the team in their own accounts and not with their friends and family members.

The team also announced a number or updates to its Twitter account on Tuesday, including a tweet announcing that it was working on improving the team and that it would continue to provide updates to the fans.

“@galatasarajesan: The site is now working!

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding!

We will keep updating you,” the account tweeted.

“Thank you everyone for your support and kind words,” it added.

While many of the team members are still online, a number have been absent from the social media platform since the issue was first discovered.

Twitter has also not responded to Engadges request for comment.

While it’s not clear how long the issue will be resolved for, it’s also not clear when it will be corrected.