India’s most popular holiday has been postponed for the fourth time.

The Movember, which celebrates the growth of the pubic hair in men, has been pushed back to November 24 to November 22 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The country is currently battling the virus, which has been blamed for more than 1,300 deaths and more than £2.6bn in losses.

The event, which is traditionally held in the capital, has always been held on November 20 but the government decided to cancel it on October 20.

The postponement came a day after a court granted a petition filed by the Association of State Health Officers (ASHO) seeking a court order to lift the suspension.

The petition claimed the delay was due to “further and more severe” coronaviruses and the fact that Movember is held on a Tuesday.

The petition said the postponement was not based on public health concerns, but was to “avoid an inconvenience” for the public.

According to the court order, the Movember on November 24 would not be held on December 22.

The cancellation of the Murtis has come amid the coronovirus outbreak, which was first reported in October.

The coronavire is spreading rapidly across the world, and has killed more than 3,000 people, mostly in India.