In the past month, the Trump administration has been forced to address the allegations of collusion with Russia.

The most serious accusation comes from former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who is being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office.

Mueller has subpoenaed the transcripts of a meeting between Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer last year, according to a person familiar with the matter.

In a letter, Trump Jr., who is a Trump campaign surrogate, denied the meeting and said it was “not intended to provide a benefit to the campaign.”

Trump Jr.’s lawyers have argued that it was part of an effort to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton.

But some Democrats have suggested that the meeting might have been used as a way to help Trump’s reelection.

Here’s how to stop becoming “sicken by the fact that the truth hurts.”

What you need to know about the Mueller investigation: Trump Jr.: A timeline of events, including Trump’s initial reaction to the meeting.

Who is Mueller looking into?

Who else is in the Russia investigation?

What Trump Jr said at the meeting: Trump and Flynn discuss the Trump Tower meeting and offer their own statements.

What they did at the Oval Office: Trump says he asked his father to hold the meeting but doesn’t specify what he told Flynn.

What the president has said about the meeting, in the past, is inconsistent with his statement that he was asked to meet with Russian officials, including the Russian lawyer.

Who has denied the allegations?

A lawyer for Donald Trump Jr says the president was “proud of his father.”