Reddit’s r/sportsbook, an unofficial sportsbook where fans can bet on sports and other events, is making the transition to a real sportsbook on its website.

The site is still showing ads for the sportbook and is still displaying the team logos and logo for the r/NFL subreddit, but it’s now a little more organized.

Now, users can browse the site by sports, league, and team and click on the r/.sports column to see a list of all the sportsbooks currently offering sports betting, along with links to the full roster of the r/, NFL, and NBA subreddits.

A new feature for sports betting on the site lets users look up a specific sport and type in the number of players, teams, or other stats to get a list, with a list showing up in the sidebar if the user is viewing the full page.

The r/.lucas page now shows the number in the upper right corner, as well.

Reddit users can also look up individual games, as long as they are not listed in the r./sports column.

“This is an awesome feature for fans of sports to be able to look up specific games and stats for specific sports and leagues, so they don’t have to go and type out a URL for the site,” said Kevin M. Burke, cofounder and chief operating officer of R.W. Murnaghan Sports, Inc., the company behind r/lucasa.

The changes are part of a larger push on the front end of Reddit to improve user experience.

Users have complained about the site’s design and content in the past, including the lack of support for user-generated content.

But the redesign also comes after users reported a lack of feedback about their games being priced and sold on the subreddit.

That prompted Reddit to add a few more features for users, including an option to change the price of a game, which would allow users to price their bets on a game or multiple games.

In addition, r/nfl fans can now choose to have their bets be listed on the league page, which includes team, league title, and total wins, and r/bball fans can choose to see their own individual games listed on their page.

Burke said that the new r/.flames page will provide an overview of the Flames’ playoff run, as they head into the Stanley Cup Playoffs this weekend.

“We’re seeing a lot of new users joining r/Flames, and they’re asking for more information on the team and their team,” Burke said.