Microsoft is facing the prospect of losing millions of users to the search engine as it seeks to fend off Google’s aggressive advertising blitz.

The company’s latest bid to get the search giant to let it add new features to its search engine is the latest example of its attempts to make its services more relevant to users.

Google recently rolled out new features, including new features for searching for photos, and Facebook has also launched a new feature that lets users find posts that were shared by friends.

Microsoft has been working on a new tool called Cortana, which could give it more control over how users are interacting with its services.

And Microsoft recently announced plans to release an extension for Chrome, allowing users to use Google’s search engine to find things in a book.

Microsoft said Wednesday that it had developed Cortana to help users find more relevant information, and said it was working on the software’s “most advanced features” for the future.

It added that the service was in beta and was available only to people who had signed up for it.

Microsoft and Google were the first to release a search engine extension that allowed people to search on Google to find content they’d searched for, in the early 2000s.

But the search company has been gradually adding search features to Bing, the search portal that’s the largest in the U.S., and Microsoft is expected to add more search capabilities in the future as well.

Google, meanwhile, has been adding new features in search for years, but the company has not always gotten as far as it has on Google Plus, where users post new content and invite others to post their own.

Google Plus has gained popularity among young people as they’ve sought out other people’s experiences, such as sports teams and celebrities.

It’s also popular among older people who like to get in touch with their friends and family, but can’t necessarily get in on the conversations they have with friends.

Google has also been building up a social network for its services that has been gaining traction among younger people.

Google said Wednesday it was exploring ways to expand that social network into other areas, such at businesses.

“We’ll continue to listen to users and to other groups about how we can better reach them,” said David Levy, a Google spokeswoman.

Microsoft is also looking at ways to improve how it provides cloud computing services to businesses.

Last year, the company said it planned to release cloud-based apps that would allow users to access and manage data on their own computers, and its cloud services are currently being used by more than 3.3 billion users.