An IRS web page and phone number for the IRS are listed so often, CBS News has learned, that the IRS is taking it upon itself to correct the problem.

The problem is that the phone number and web page listed for the Office of Tax Exempt and Government Entities is listed multiple times on the agency’s website, according to people familiar with the matter.

The IRS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The website, at, lists phone numbers for several other agencies, including the State Department and the Treasury Department, and lists the agency on its tax forms.

For example, the web page for the State Treasury Department states the agency is located at: The IRS, at organizations, lists the address of the IRS as the IRS, as well as the phone numbers of the individual or department involved.

The number listed for IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who oversees the agency, is listed as: IRS Commissioner, IRS, 509-831-1720, [email protected] IRS’s phone number is listed on its website as 1-800-977-2437.

The IRS’s web page lists the phone as 1.800.501.2522, but it is not the one listed on the IRS website.

A person familiar with IRS operations said the phone is now listed on IRS tax forms as IRS-12-9-039.

On the phone’s web site, the IRS says the phone line is available for people to call for free.

But the IRS has not answered calls for a few weeks, the person said.

The same person said the IRS also lists the IRS toll free number on its web page.

The toll free phone number, at 1-866-927-7233, is the same as the one used for calling the IRS phone number.

The person also said the toll free numbers for the other departments are listed on a separate web page on the tax agency’s tax forms, but they are not listed on any IRS web pages.

The agency’s toll free office phone number appears to be a “general” phone number that goes to other parts of the agency.

The agency lists that as the toll-free number for all federal departments.

The State Department phone number listed on tax forms does not match the toll toll free line on the government website, and the IRS web site does not list a phone number on the State Dept. website.

A spokeswoman for the Treasury Secretary’s office did not respond to CBS News’ requests for comment for this story.

A Treasury spokeswoman said, “The Treasury Department has not received any inquiries regarding the listing of the Commissioner’s phone on the Treasury’s website.”

The spokeswoman said the Treasury does not respond when it comes to such questions.

The Treasury’s web address, , lists the Commissioner as: Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury, 516-234-4131, [email protected],516-237-0111, [email protected]

The phone number provided for the Commissioner is the one on the Office’s web pages, and that phone number also is not listed.

The web page is titled “Treasury Operations.”

The IRS web address for the commissioner is also listed on one of the forms the IRS makes to apply for tax exempt status, the Form 890-R, which is for the tax year that ended June 30, 2019.

When CBS News asked for comment, the Office said, “”We have been aware of the problem and have been working to fix it.

We have also begun updating the tax forms and will update them as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience.”CBS News’ Peter Aiken and Robert Barnes contributed to this report.