By Andrew Gaffigan-WilliamsSource: TalkSport /Getty ImagesMUSE web pageSchools are closing, museums are closing.

But some are coming back.

A handful of Manchester’s schools are being reopened after the closure of their primary centres, while others are returning to the community.

What’s happening with Manchester’s museums?

A year ago, Manchester’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which opened in 1876, closed.

It reopened this year under a new name, but is still in the same building.

The city’s Art Gallery of Manchester, which reopened in 2015, has also reopened.

But the city’s other museums and galleries are struggling to stay open.

We are seeing the loss of the community and cultural identity and, as a result, the loss and loss of community spirit.

And in the city, Manchester Museums, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester City Art Gallery and Manchester College have all closed.

What are the reasons for closing schools?

Manchester’s Metropolitan Museums and Manchester Art Galleries were opened in 1865, in the former church of St Peter and Paul’s, in what was then called Little Molesworth.

The Museums are open to the public on a week-to-week basis and offer the opportunity to view, learn and interact with local artists, art history, local communities and contemporary art.

Manchester City Museums reopened in January 2017 after a one-year closure.

They were opened to the general public in 1892.

The Art Gallery reopened last year as the Manchester Museum of History, Culture and Technology, which will host exhibitions for up to three years.

The College reopened in February 2018 after a year-long closure.

The Art Gallery is open to anyone who has a ticket to the Art Gallery.

The Museum of Manchester will reopen in 2018 after being closed for a year.

The new museum is due to open in 2019.

What happens to the buildings that were closed?

Manchester Museums will reopen the Art Gallery and the Museum of Leicester City will reopen as the Leicester Museum of Science and Technology.

Both the museums will have galleries, the Art gallery will have a museum and the museum will host lectures and events.

The City Art Galleria will reopen.

The Museums have all reopened and will continue to do so until the end of 2021.

How much money has been spent to reopen schools?

More than £3 million has been invested to reopen Manchester schools, according to an analysis by the Manchester Council.

The total cost to open schools is estimated at £6.8 million.

Manchester Council’s Chief Executive, Richard Jones, said: “The closure of schools has been devastating to many families in the area, many of whom lost their jobs.”

We are all paying the price for the lack of investment and community engagement that has taken place in the Manchester area.

“How can we help?

The City Council has put out a call for volunteers to help reopen Manchester’s school closures.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer can email [email protected], call 020 7782 8800 or write to the Manchester Schools Office on 0191 454 4100.

The Manchester Schools Board of Directors has set up a fundraising page to help with the cost of reopening schools.

The Department for Education has also set up the Manchester Arts & Entertainment Fund to raise money to support the reopening of schools.

We also need to help the families of school closures to find new jobs, according a statement on the Government’s website.

If you would like to support school closures in Manchester, you can do so by donating to the arts, education or arts charity.