USA Today/USA Today: As we enter into the second week of July, it’s time to think about whether it’s safe to use the Internet.

That’s the takeaway from an industry survey conducted by the internet industry group NetChoice that found more than 80% of internet users surveyed said they’ve used the internet at least once in the past year.

That number is even higher for the most active users, who spend more than 10 hours a day using the internet.

And while there’s no question that internet access is growing faster than in previous years, the internet is still not universally accessible.

More: This month, more than 1.4 million Americans used the Internet at least twice in the last month, up from about 800,000 in January, according to NetChoice.

It’s also worth noting that the internet has gotten faster since 2013.

But the Internet Service Providers Association says it’s important to remember that there are some caveats to that trend.

As part of its survey, NetChoice asked Internet users about the use of the Internet, and found that the vast majority of internet use is done through mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

It found that a majority of people use their devices for reading emails, browsing the Web and doing other online activities.

But some people use the internet for entertainment or other non-work purposes, like social networking.

That doesn’t mean that all internet users are using it for the wrong reasons.

Some of the most frequent reasons given for using the Internet for non-working purposes are watching movies and watching TV.

It may be worth noting, however, that many people also use the web to search for information, share news, listen to music or just browse the Web.

So it’s not clear that people are doing it for all of these reasons.

Also, the survey found that most internet users don’t have to worry about paying for data services like cable, Verizon, AT&T or Comcast.

The majority of respondents said they use their phones for these services.

But there are exceptions.

One in five internet users use the Web to send or receive email, according the survey.

And almost three in 10 Internet users said they read online articles on a computer.

For most people, these are all things they use the computer for.

The survey also found that 81% of people said they had some form of wireless Internet service at home.

This means that many more people are using their phones as well, which could increase the number of people who are accessing the Internet on their phones.

So what are you going to do about it?

Many people may have trouble getting online if they can’t find a Wi-Fi network.

You might need a mobile broadband plan or you might have to pay a monthly data fee.

And some of those users may be less active online.

There are also services that help people who can’t use the mobile network, like T-Mobile.

For example, AT+ lets users get access to high-speed Internet on prepaid plans or by buying an unlimited data plan.

If you can’t afford a smartphone, you can also get a tablet or laptop, or a computer to help you work or play online.

And if you’re looking to get connected to the internet, the Internet Association says there are free, easy-to-use mobile hotspots, which can be set up in most places, and there are also free Wi-fi hotspots in public places.

And don’t forget to check out the NetChoice survey to see how the Internet is changing.