With a playoff berth on the line and a strong showing at the start of the regular season, Eagles fans are hopeful the team can pull off a miraculous turnaround in 2018.

While the NFC East is one of the strongest divisions in football, the Eagles are currently at the bottom of the league standings.

The team is currently ranked 26th in the league with a 2-7 record and sits at 2-14 in NFC East games.

If the Eagles can turn things around and make a run at the playoffs, it could be a big step in the right direction for the franchise.

But, Eagles’ fans have reason to believe that the Eagles have not been able to achieve that level of success since the 2011 season.

There have been several reports that the team is preparing to go out on a limb to try and get a playoff spot, but with a 5-9 record, they have the talent and resources to do it.

However, there is no guarantee that they will get a postseason berth.

In fact, the team could be in a very tight spot heading into the 2019 season, with the Eagles losing a game to the Falcons in the divisional round of the playoffs.

This is a crucial situation for the Eagles, who have a lot of momentum heading into this year’s season, but have not managed to turn it around.

While it is understandable that fans would be nervous about the Eagles going out on such a high note, there are plenty of reasons to believe the Eagles could make a comeback in 2019.

Here are 10 reasons why the Eagles may make a playoff run in 2019:1.

The Birds are still building for the future.

The Eagles have made a number of changes since the first season.

After losing four players, the organization has a slew of new faces, including new offensive coordinator and head coach Chip Kelly.

However it has not been a perfect transition, with head coach Doug Pederson not being fully integrated with the new offensive scheme.

The Birds have made significant changes in the offseason, including bringing in former Eagles wide receivers coach David Shaw as an offensive coordinator.

This could have a positive impact on the offense.

The addition of Shaw could be the key to making the team more efficient in the passing game.

Shaw has the ability to help in all phases of the offense and is capable of throwing the ball down the field.2.

The Eagles are young.

Since the 2011 NFL season, the franchise has had a team-record 16 players under contract.

While they have a number who are not yet on the roster, they are young and talented.

The team is also in a rebuilding phase with a roster that is struggling financially.

The 2018 season could be an important milestone in the franchise’s rebuild.

While the Eagles will be one of only six teams to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, they will be the first team to miss the playoffs since 2009.

The franchise is looking to make another playoff run this year, and the Eagles should have enough talent to do so.

However, there could be some problems down the road if they do not do what they are doing.3.

The draft is in the books.

The 2017 NFL Draft was a bust for the team, as the Eagles were not able to land the top talent available.

The Philadelphia Eagles could be set for a rebuilding year with the additions of wide receiver Corey Davis, cornerback Cary Williams, safety Malcolm Jenkins, linebacker Dontae Johnson and offensive lineman Zach Ertz.

The fact that the draft is back on track with several new additions could help the Eagles to make a strong run in 2018, especially if they continue to improve the offensive line and offensive line play.4.

The offensive line is one to watch.

The offensive line has been an issue for the organization this season.

While it was not the biggest issue for Philadelphia in 2018 with only four starters on the offensive tackle position, it was still an issue that needed fixing.

The additions of offensive lineman Travis Frederick and left tackle Lane Johnson should help improve the line.

The addition of center Alex Balducci could also help improve their position as the season goes on.5.

The secondary is one that is improving.

The secondary has had an off season in general.

The unit has had some issues throughout the year, but a lot has improved with the return of safety Marcus Smith and cornerback Bradley Fletcher.

The return of Fletcher could be one major upgrade for the secondary.

Fletcher has been a reliable contributor throughout his career, but he has been inconsistent.

He has a history of injuries and has missed games to injury.

This injury is another big step for Fletcher to improve his game.

With a lot to play for in the secondary, the return to the playoffs should help the secondary become one of NFL’s elite units.6.

The quarterback situation is a concern.

The quarterback situation has been very volatile this season for the Birds.

Rookie Carson Wentz threw for more than 2,000 yards and 11 touchdowns in his rookie