The NHL on mobile is a real treat to read.

I’m not talking about the stats, though that’s also pretty awesome, but the real pleasure is that the NHL app lets you find your team and start a game with a single tap.

The game is fun to play, too.

With the ability to play your own game, the game is so much easier to play.

But I’m talking about some of the features, which aren’t the best, and they’re worth noting.

The most recent update to the NHL on Android is here, and the most recent NHL app update is here.

If you are a hockey fan who likes to get all your team information in one place, you might be interested to know that the league is finally adding a team page.

This new page will show you all of your team’s stats, standings, and more.

I like the way the new page looks.

You can find the league page for the New York Rangers here.

The Philadelphia Flyers have a new team page here.

I found the page for Winnipeg Jets here.

There’s also a new page for New York Islanders here.

You can find a page for Boston Bruins here.

And there’s a page to look up the latest NHL standings here.

If you want to start a new game, you can get a team and a game list from the league on your mobile device, or you can just click on the team page and start the game.

This page also has a new “team list” that will let you add your own team, including your own logos.

You don’t need to do anything else.

Here are the standings for the NHL’s Eastern Conference: Boston Bruins (14-4-1) Philadelphia Flyers (14.5-7-1, LW: 1) New York Islanders (8-8-3, LW (tie) Washington Capitals (10-4) Minnesota Wild (11-5) Montreal Canadiens (8.5, LW 3) Florida Panthers (10.5) New York Jets (7.5), Buffalo Sabres (10) Toronto Maple Leafs (12) Ottawa Senators (13) Detroit Red Wings (12.5).

Here’s a look at the Western Conference: Nashville Predators (7-8) San Jose Sharks (6-11) Los Angeles Kings (10.) 

Arizona Coyotes (13.5)-Minnesota Wild (11) Colorado Avalanche (11.5.) 

St. Louis Blues (10, LW 1) Carolina Hurricanes (10). 

Detroit Blues (12, LW 4) Vancouver Canucks (13.) 

Colorado Avalanche (13, LW 3) Chicago Blackhawks (11.) 

San Antonio Stars (14.) 

Pittsburgh Penguins (12.) 

Dallas Stars (10), Chicago Black Hawks (12). 

Vancouver Canucks (10.), Arizona Ducks (13). 

Dallas Flames (11.), Minnesota Oilers (13), Washington Senators (11). 

Colorado Blues (11, LW 10) Nashville Predators (14.25) Arizona Wild  (12), New Jersey Devils (12., LW 6) Calgary Flames (13.), Detroit Wings (11), Montana Avalanche (12.), Ottario Senators (13), New York Red Bulls (10).

 And here’s a list of the NHL teams that are currently in the Eastern Conference and are projected to be in the Western: New York Rangers (19-11-3) Philadelphia Flyers (20-7) Calgary Flames (12-11.25), Arizona Avalanche (15.75) New Jersey Devils (17.25). 

Boston Blades (16-11.)

Edmonton Oilers (18-12.75), Minnesota Wings (21.5,) Pittsburgh Penguins (22.25.) 

New Hampshire Wildcats (23-13.)

Carolina Hurricanes (25-14.75.)

Nashville Predators  (29-14.)

Carolina Sting (30-14.), Toronto Marlies (31.25,) St. Louis Marlies  (33.5.), Chicago Wolves (36.5.).

The team rosters of each NHL team have been updated.

The NHL on Mobile is currently live.

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