Walgens health website, which provides information about its brands and products, was updated Thursday to remove information about the drugmaker’s “anti-aging” drug, and to delete statements about its use of “natural” ingredients.

“We’re taking this issue seriously,” Walgers president and CEO Steve Lachapelle said in a statement Thursday.

“Our website has always been about serving customers the freshest and most effective products, but it has been updated to make clear that these are only a few of our brands, and that all other ingredients are safe.”

Lachipelle said Walgarts new website also includes information on Walgals “unique products,” including its “Walgreens Beauty” line of products, and the “Wwalgreens Healthy Home” line.

Walgros latest change came on the heels of a $4.9-billion merger with the drugstore chain Kroger.

Wals HealthCare announced a $1.9 billion deal with the company, which will include a $2.8-billion stake in the company.

Walgas, a division of Walgons health care division, said in its Thursday news release that the new information will help its customers “understand the important differences in our products.”

Walgles health website has been the subject of a recent series of articles about its products, with The Globe and Mail’s website finding that the website includes information about brands, products, benefits, and prices.

The Globe has also written about Walgalls health website’s misleading claims about “natural ingredients,” which include claims such as that “natural products have no added ingredients.”

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