The web page appearance of every game on Bose web site will be updated throughout the game to include player statistics, game notes and other information.

The web pages for the Blackhawks, Capitals and Predators will also be updated with game-time statistics, such as goals, assists, shots, penalty minutes and shots on goal.

All players’ web pages will also feature the full roster.

For players that are not on the regular team, the game pages will include an “official” team logo.

All information is available on the NHL web site at

Bose will begin offering its Web page features in the United States beginning Thursday, March 8, when the Blackhawks visit the Washington Capitals.

Bose will continue to roll out the NHL Web page functionality throughout the regular season.

The NHL website will provide the NHL with a new way to view information about the game, including information about team goals, shots and penalty minutes.

For the first time, the NHL will also have access to the team’s official scoreboard.

The information on the scoreboard is available through a dedicated section of the NHL website, which also will have access for NHL fans.

The updated NHL Web pages are available on a first-come, first-served basis through the NHL’s site and