HARRISBURG — A NSW Police Chief has been criticised for his comments about the behaviour of a colleague, which have left him “confused” and “angry”.

The comments by Deputy Chief Inspector Harrison, who is the head of the NSW Police Force’s Public Integrity Unit, prompted the chief to apologise on Facebook.

Mr Harrison was responding to a comment on social media by a female colleague about police brutality.

The comments drew a strong reaction from fellow officers, including one who said the chief had “turned the screws on a friend”.

A NSW Chief Police Officer is not permitted to make personal attacks or make derogatory remarks.

Mr Trump said on Monday the chief’s comments “demonstrate how the NSW Chief Constable has lost the ability to lead”.

“If he wants to take a position of authority or authority in a department he should not be able to do so,” he said.

Mr Donald Trump said he “absolutely” would not accept Chief Inspector Harrison’s comments.

“If Chief Inspector Harrison wants to lead the NSW State Police he needs to stand down and leave the NSW force,” he tweeted.

The comment was made in a video posted on YouTube, and was later removed from the page.

Mr Trump also said he would not tolerate Chief Inspector “turning the screws” on his friend.

The Chief Police Officers Association said Mr Trump was “completely unqualified” to lead and called on him to step down immediately.

“We call on the Chief of Police to immediately step down from his role as NSW Chief of Staff, as we are concerned that he is not fit to lead this state’s police force,” the union said in a statement.

In a separate incident, Mr Trump also called the chief of police, David Jones, a “fool” after he questioned his handling of a sexual assault case.

More to come.