A book written by a former member of the clergy, this collection of essays explores some of the more interesting points in the Bible that are seldom discussed.

Read More A few highlights from this collection include: 1.

Why is the Bible so full of God?2.

Why does God need so many people to love him?3.

What is God’s plan for the world?4.

What are the consequences of living out the promises in the Old Testament?5.

What was the purpose of the exodus from Egypt?6.

Why did Moses tell us that we should love our neighbor?7.

Why are God’s laws so hard to follow?8.

Why were we told to believe the gospel?9.

Why was God’s prophecy fulfilled?10.

What did God expect of the Jews in the first century?11.

What were the consequences for the Hebrews in the second century?12.

Why wasn’t God the first to build the temple in Jerusalem?13.

What caused the Great Flood in Noah’s day?14.

Why didn’t Noah’s descendants inherit the land of Canaan?15.

Why weren’t the Hebrew tribes united?16.

Why isn’t Jesus the Son of God in the bible?17.

What do we do with our lives when God calls us to do something?18.

What does the Bible teach about marriage?19.

Why do people believe in spirits?20.

What causes our sins?21.

What’s the purpose behind the death penalty?22.

Why can’t we understand God?23.

Why doesn’t the Bible say we have to be married to receive the kingdom?24.

Why aren’t there angels?25.

What exactly is a soul?26.

Why would God need a virgin?27.

Why couldn’t the Jews have fought against Jesus?28.

What would Jesus say if he heard about Jesus?29.

What happened to the Hebrew people in the time of Jesus?30.

What happens when God tells us to pray?31.

What if God doesn’t want to hear us pray?32.

Why has God made the Sabbath day a special day?33.

Why don’t we do our best to make sure people know God?34.

Why should we worship God?35.

Why hasn’t God made heaven and earth equal?36.

What kind of church are we supposed to be in?37.

What makes God special?38.

Why have we been told that the Holy Spirit is going to save us?39.

What should we do to get our souls back?40.

Why wouldn’t God give us all eternity in hell?41.

What gives me the greatest comfort about Jesus and his teachings?42.

Why haven’t people seen him?43.

Why must people believe the resurrection?44.

Why hadn’t Jesus been crucified before the crucifixion?45.

Why not a miracle?46.

Why won’t people believe that Jesus died on the cross?47.

Why only Jesus died?48.

Why we are told that Jesus came from God and the Father?49.

Why shouldn’t we be able to hear God speaking to us?50.

Why all Christians should obey God?51.

Why our Lord died on this earth to save the world from the power of Satan?52.

What about the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday?53.

What we are taught about the cross in the New Testament?54.

Why Jesus said that he would be crucified on this cross if we didn’t believe in him?55.

What can we learn from Jesus?56.

What could have happened to Jesus if he had not been crucifying?57.

What God was thinking at the time he sent the angels to kill Jesus?58.

What has happened to Christianity since Jesus died and has it changed in the way it teaches us?59.

What will Jesus say to the unbelievers who believe in Him?60.

What sort of religion does the bible teach?61.

What have we learned about Jesus that we are not taught?62.

What problems are caused by Christianity?63.

What other books are in the book of Hebrews?64.

How do we know that Jesus was a prophet?65.

What kinds of problems does Christianity cause?66.

What type of church is Jesus meant to be the church of?67.

Why, according to the Bible, do so many Jews say that God is dead?68.

Why so many Christians insist that Jesus did not die?69.

Why some people still believe in Jesus?70.

Why the resurrection has never happened?71.

What really happened to Judas and his brother?72.

Why people are afraid of Jesus and want to stop him?73.

What changes have occurred in the Christian church in the last two centuries?74.

What people do with their lives if God does not answer their prayers?75.

What lessons have been learned from Jesus’ death?76.

What, if anything, did Jesus do to make us believe that God lives?77. Why there