I have decided to relax on the Internet tomorrow, according to a blog post on Reddit.

The post said that people would be able to relax if they “put down their phones and don’t want to be distracted by all the social media posts”.

Its a nice sentiment, but if you’re a regular user of the Net you know how difficult it can be to get used to the idea of being online 24/7.

It also said that it was only a suggestion.

But, it seems, if you don’t have a netbook, you won’t be able relax.

The post was written by a user on Reddit called ‘bakedbabble’ and said that if he is using a smartphone, he will have to use the internet on a laptop.

The post has been up for a few days and I’m not sure whether it will be taken down.

I am happy to see someone try and relax on their own, as long as its not something that is constantly being posted on social media.

But, if people want to keep using the internet, they will have a hard time.

Read more: Reddit user says people won’t need to use mobile phones as long they have a computer to run the siteAs part of its effort to make the Net more accessible, the government has been testing a new feature that will enable people to connect to the Net via a smartphone.

This feature, called ‘mobile internet’, was unveiled on February 8 by the Minister of State for Internet Affairs Suresh Prabhu.

It allows users to connect from their mobile phones to the net by clicking on the ‘Mobile Internet’ link at the bottom of their page.

After connecting, they can choose to see their browsing history, use their mobile data or use a ‘cloud-based’ solution to sync with the net.

This means that the Net can be used as a backup for their data.

Some people may be tempted to use this feature to check their Facebook updates, but that would be a bad idea.

Instead, the new feature will allow users to share their information on the internet with their friends.

“With this mobile internet, you can share the internet connection, content and metadata of all your friends on the same page.

If your friends have a mobile internet connection they can see the content of your shared internet page, and you can check their activity,” the website said.

It will also allow users of different mobile data plans to share the same data.

The mobile internet service will cost Rs. 50 a month, which is around $8 a month for a single plan.

That may sound expensive, but the government hopes that the net will be more accessible to the poor and the disadvantaged.

We hope that it will allow people to stay on the net for a longer period of time.

The plan is to roll out the new service on April 8, and the government plans to provide Rs. 1,000 a month subsidy to everyone in the country to help subsidise mobile internet.