With a huge field of competitors, you might expect the NFL to dominate the day.

But a study from the marketing firm Pivotal found that it is the consumer who is most likely to watch.

“We found that consumers are most likely not tuning into a game, viewing it on their mobile device or tablet, or using a desktop or laptop computer,” Pivoting CEO John M. Miller said in a statement.

“It’s the consumer watching the game on a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer.

That’s where our customers are.”

Pivoters said they found that people are watching fewer games on mobile devices than on televisions and TVs, which is good news for the league because it means more viewers are watching more of the big events.

That could help the league make its next big TV deal.

“There’s been a lot of speculation that it’s a lot more difficult to get an NFL package to go out on TV in the U.S. than elsewhere,” said Daniel Rosenbaum, a senior media analyst at Pivoter.

“But we found that for most games, there’s not much of a difference in viewership between the U of A and the U., and we also found that most of those games were more accessible to U.K. and Australian viewers than the U.”

What are some other stats to chew on?

The NFL also is not the only sport with its own game streaming service.

In addition to the NFL, sports streaming companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are offering their own games, as well as streaming services for Apple TV and Roku devices.

The NFL has also partnered with ESPN to stream its games, and will soon offer a digital subscription service for ESPN’s streaming service, which will include NFL games and the game broadcasts from the NFL Network.

The league’s next major deal will be to stream games from the U, but it won’t be a one-year deal, according to Pivots CEO Miller.

The next season of the NFL is set to begin next season, and it will likely be a game or two shorter than the current NFL schedule.

Pivot’s Miller said that it won`t be a season of NFL on television, but the league is exploring ways to get more viewers to watch its games through streaming services.

For now, though, he said the biggest takeaway from Pivoteer’s study was the fact that the league`s TV audience is growing.