The world’s largest cave complex was discovered in Pagos in Papua New Guinea in the 1980s. 

The site is one of the largest and most beautiful cave complexes in the world. 

Its history dates back hundreds of years, and it is one that the local people have a passion for. 

 They are not alone. 

The site is home to thousands of species of insects, birds, and animals, and a few small islands have been discovered that are completely untouched by humans. 

But it is a place where it is often a struggle to find your way around. 

For a more in-depth exploration, we have created a web page about Pago and its wildlife.

Pagos, also known as Pangea, is the name of a small island in the western Indian Ocean.

It is the most populated and largest island in Papua. 

It is one which has been called “The Lost Island of Papua”, after its many abandoned caves, which were once used as shelter. 

There are over 10,000 caves in Pags, but only a handful are currently known to be in use. 

Pagos has also long been known as a site of wildlife and flora. 

In fact, there are some species that only live in the caves and forests, but they are all well known and appreciated by the locals. 

According to Wikipedia, the cave system was formed by the erosion of large rocks and deposited debris that have been transported across the ocean. 

Many of the cave systems were formed when the islands were submerged by a sea level rise. 

This led to the formation of many islands, but it was the caves themselves which eventually became the sites of many wildlife. 

Although the cave structures have been abandoned for decades, there have been several attempts to restore them. 

A few of these have been completed. 

One of the first attempts was by a French man named Nicolas Rene. 

Rene was searching for an ideal location for a cave, and decided to dig himself a tunnel under the island of Gauteng. 

When he finally found his treasure, it was found to be a treasure trove of ancient species of plants and animals. 

Another French cave explorer, Louis Roudouin, built his cave to the same extent and he also had a cave. 

They all looked the same, but Roudoulin’s cave was bigger. 

As Roudouxin later found out, he was not alone in his quest to find his lost paradise. 

Other caves around the world are being discovered in similar places, but this one is one more hidden away.

This is not the only cave complex to be discovered in Papua, and many of them are very large. 

If you want to explore the caves, you should take a guided tour.