TechCrunch article Converse has announced a new line of sneakers that it calls “Web” sneakers.

The shoes, which the company describes as “smart shoes” that can interface with websites, will go on sale in the spring, and will be sold online in three styles: “Converse Web”, “Converge Web” and “Web +.”

The sneakers will feature a web-based interface that allows users to see and interact with their shoe.

Converse is launching the sneakers in three colors: “Black”, “Black+”, and “Dark Pink.”

In the introduction to the new sneakers, Converse says they’ll be a “smart” experience.

In the company’s announcement, it says that the shoes are “built on the Converse platform, enabling the users to instantly access the latest updates on their Converse shoes.”

Converse also says that “the Web-based platform enables Converse users to interact with the site and discover products that they would normally have to search.”

The shoes will come with a “Web+” feature, but it doesn’t say exactly how that will work.

Console’s sneakers will be available at retailers starting March 2.