source The Guardian title ‘The Police Are Dead’: This is the worst tweet of all time article We’re Not the Police is a comedy web series about the absurdist antics of The Daily Show’s hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

They’re the subject of a new episode of the series, titled “We’re not the police”.

The series, which was created by writer-director Tim Allen, centres around two comedians who get stuck in traffic jams while working at The Daily News.

In the episode, they have to do a mock police investigation.

The video clip shows Stewart, who has a thick accent, saying: “This is the most ridiculous job in the world.

I can’t believe the people we’re working with.””

The Police are Dead” is the second episode of Allen’s series and stars Stewart as himself and his fellow comedians.

The series is a parody of “The Daily Show” which has a huge following on social media.

Allen said he was inspired by the show’s success in getting the word out about the police brutality cases in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore.

The original version of “We Are The Police” was a viral video which went viral in December, with over 100 million views.

The series was also nominated for a Grammy Award for best comedy video.

The show also has a big following on Instagram, which has more than 6 million followers.