NHL-puckdaddy.com will be the first NHL-sponsored website to feature holiday web page content.

The NHL has not announced a holiday page, but will be making them available to all teams and fans.

In a blog post on Tuesday, NHL VP of business development and public relations Scott Blackmun announced that the site will feature holiday holiday web content on its homepage.

“With Christmas just around the corner, we’re thrilled to be able to continue to showcase the NHL as a great place to celebrate and celebrate the season and make the most of the holidays in Minnesota,” Blackmun wrote.

“We are proud to bring you our first all-star weekend web page for fans and players alike.

NHL fans will find a wide range of holiday content including the NHL’s official holiday page and our holiday calendar.

In addition, we’ll be bringing our holiday news and announcements to the web as well, including NHL Hockey Night in Canada.”

The NHL is one of several major professional sports leagues to offer the site.

The NHL All-Stars will be featured on NBC Sports Live Extra, and NHL games will be shown on NBCSN.

The league has not yet announced the schedule of NHL games on the site, but the site’s name is likely to include “all-star” in the title.