The Uber driver, who was asked to go undercover to infiltrate Uber’s taxi fleet and drive to customers’ homes to verify their identities, is one of the most coveted roles on the job.

But how to get the right driver, and who will pay for it?

We’ve broken down the pros and cons of hiring the right Uber driver for your city, and then you can figure out which one is best for you.

If you want to hire a driver, you’ll need to pay them a flat rate, which is the amount that they would charge you if you drove in that city for an entire month.

The more you pay them, the higher the rate they’ll charge you.

You can check your own Uber driver’s pay rate here.

To figure out how much you’ll be able to earn for your Uber ride, Uber provides a “driver fee calculator” that you can download to your phone or tablet.

This app shows how much a driver will earn for a specific trip, including a single ride.

You can use the calculator to estimate how much the driver will make for your entire trip, based on the number of people you pick up, your mileage, and other factors.

It’s best to get an accurate estimate before you book, because Uber charges extra if you don’t.

You’ll need a driver’s license and proof of insurance to get a driver permit, which can be costly and time-consuming.

You also need to be able read and understand the driver’s English and understand how the driver works, so you can know how to handle any problems or emergencies the driver may have.

If your city doesn’t have a driver license program, you can apply to a “certified taxi driver” program that allows drivers to earn a license and earn extra money.

You also can pay for your driver license with a credit card, which you can use to buy a car, hire a friend, or even rent a house.

A certified taxi driver will be licensed by the city, which then gives the driver the right to pick up passengers for you, or give you a ride.

However, certified taxi drivers only receive the income they earn, so they can’t earn more than the rate you pay for a cab.

Certified taxi drivers are often offered on short-term contracts, so check with the company before you sign.

You may be able for an extra fee for a certified taxi that works on the street, as well.

Uber also has a driver training program for people who want to learn how to drive for Uber.

You’re also welcome to take their online driver training classes, but be careful, as they’re not the same as the ones you can take at home.

If there’s an Uber driver in your area, you may be offered a contract.

These contracts are the ones that you sign with your drivers to drive in your city.

You pay for the driver and the company for the work, and the driver gets a bonus if he or she wins the award.

There are also a few other incentives to look out for, like getting your name on Uber’s app or driving a car for a few days in a row.

You might also be offered perks, like having your name featured in an ad for the Uber app, or getting a discount on a meal or other service.

You’ll also need a credit or debit card to get your driver permit.

This is a driver-issued driver license that you need to get if you want a cab in your neighborhood.

If you get a new driver’s permit, you must keep your driver’s driver’s name confidential.

Uber does not accept credit cards for drivers, so it’s best not to pay for an Uber card, either.