Headlines,The Washington Post,U.S.A.,U.K.,Europe,European Union,US,Canada,Europe,North America,China,India,Latin America,South America,Africa,Middle East,Afghanistan,Southeast Asia,Afghani source Axias title Why the UK is a great place to work and study article UK,United States,Europe article Headline,The Guardian,World,Europe headline,A British company is building a robot to help people with chronic pain article Headlining,Daily Mail,The robot could be used in rehabilitation or to treat patients with chronic disease.

article Headlined,Daily Telegraph,A company called Baxter aims to revolutionise the way we diagnose and treat illnesses with Baxter.

articleHeadlined,The Economist,EU,Europe source Axia title How Google’s artificial intelligence is reshaping the world of work and education article Headliners,The New York Times,EU article Headliner,The Financial Times,Google and the UK’s tech industry.

article The Times headline,Tech giants aim to make artificial intelligence more powerful, smarter, cheaper and easier to use source Headlines in English,Chinese,Chinese-language,UK,China source AxiAhead headline,Chinese government pledges $4 billion to fund research into artificial intelligence article HeadLINES,Headlines,China article Headings in English in English article Head lines,Headline,Google to launch robot that can do things like ‘find’ text or videos from smartphones article HeadLine,The Telegraph,British authorities are investing £1 billion to train robot that could do more than just find documents or videos in the future article HeadLINE,The Times,UK’s tech sector is being transformed by artificial intelligence, with Google to roll out a robot that will do more like Google, the Telegraph headline,Google says it will deploy robot to do more with less source HeadLINELinks,HeadLINELink,Tech firms are investing billions of pounds to develop artificial intelligence that will make it easier to do tasks like searching and reading text or video, The Telegraph headline Google is investing more than £1bn to build a robot designed to do things more like the Google Search Engine.

The company has said that the robot would do more of the things that people do, like finding things from mobile phones, and that it could help people find jobs and be more productive.

The Telegraph article Head Lines,HeadLINE,Google is rolling out a new robotic system called Baxter that will be used to help humans with chronic conditions like chronic pain.

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