News outlets that have reported on the “sex offender registry” have raised concerns that the website could be used to track and identify people who have sex with people who are not registered sex offenders.

The website, created by the State Department to “provide public access to federal, state, tribal, local, and international criminal records,” is set to be used by the federal government to help track down people who commit crimes and to provide information on the people who can be held accountable for their crimes.

“It’s a great thing if it helps us track down these sex offenders, but it’s a really terrible thing if the registry is used to keep track of people who do not have any crimes at all,” CNN political commentator and former White House press secretary Dana Bash told the Washington Examiner.

“And we’re going to have to find a way to make sure that we’re not doing it.

We have to figure out a way that doesn’t give a big number, like a B, to somebody that is on the registry.”

In recent weeks, a slew of news outlets have reported that the registry could be abused, with the Associated Press and BuzzFeed both reporting that the system is being used by people to harass, spy on and stalk their enemies.

In response, Trump administration officials have dismissed concerns about potential abuse of the registry, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying that the government is working with the Department of Homeland Security to develop “a system that is designed to ensure the safety of people on the list.”

“We will continue to make use of the information we have,” Sanders told reporters.

“This will be an ongoing process.”

The “Sex offender” registry is still available for viewing on the State Dept. website, and is not yet available for public review.

“We do not make any decisions on the inclusion of the name or any other information of any individual in our database,” the department said in a statement.