Polygon, one of the world’s most prestigious game sites, is hosting a new feature for its users.

Users can now watch an online video featuring one of their favorite characters.

The video, called “Tiger Week,” will be available on Polygon’s website beginning at 12:01am PT (4:01pm ET).

It will include clips from the new game, The Wolf Among Us, and the next game in the series, Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Wolf Among Weasels, a first-person horror game from developer Frontier Developments, is scheduled for release in 2018.

Horizon Zero, an action-adventure game, is expected to release in 2019.

The new feature is part of a series of updates for Polygon that Polygon has dubbed “The Big New Feature.”

The feature is currently available on the site for the new version of the site, and is part to the ongoing theme of adding more content to the site.

This new feature comes at a time when the site has had a rocky start to 2017.

The site’s traffic has been down significantly from last year, which has led to the cancellation of several of Polygon ‘s video games and features, including The Wolf Within, and a feature called Polygon Movie, which was slated to air on Fox News.

The studio has also been in negotiations with Disney to make a feature for the site that would have featured a live-action Disney movie.

Polygon will be taking its new feature with a bit more humility than before, as it was founded in 2014 by former GameSpot editor-in-chief Alex Marlowe and former Kotaku editor-at-large Ben Kuchera.

Marlowes departure from the site came after the site published a story about an alleged plot to sell a plot to Disney to help fund the company’s new Star Wars project.

Polygon founder and CEO David Strauss resigned from the company last year amid claims that the company was moving too slowly to expand its game coverage.