The Internet has exploded over the past year with the emergence of a whole new generation of social networks and digital tools that can help anyone get news.

We’ve also witnessed a boom in the number of sites that offer free or low-cost web hosting, which can often be cheaper than paying for hosting services, as well as the emergence and popularity of services that allow you to view and interact with your social network profiles.

And in the past few months, Google has also announced plans to build its own “social” search engine, Google+ , that would help advertisers reach their targeted audience in new ways.

With the rise of new social media platforms, there are more questions than answers.

Who is on these sites?

Who owns them?

Who has access to them?

And what can you do with them?

To help answer these questions, we surveyed several social media and marketing experts to find out more about how they’re finding content on their platforms and the kinds of services they offer.

We asked the experts to explain what types of content are being shared, what kinds of ads are being run and what types are being targeted.

For example, we wanted to know: How do people who are on social networks like Facebook and Twitter get their news?

How do they find content they like on these platforms?

How can people who aren’t on these social networks get news?

What types of services do you think are most valuable to the media companies and the advertisers?

What types of ads do you see that you want to target?

What kinds of content do you find on social platforms that you’d like to target, or what types you don’t?

Who owns the sites that people post to and how do you feel about that?

How are those companies handling the sharing and sharing of content that they don’t own?

How important is it to the businesses that you serve to share content that is yours and that is relevant to your customers?

What are some of the ways in which these platforms have grown to become so popular?

How is it that you, as a company, are able to compete against all these new services?

What kinds of advertising is being run on these new sites?

How much does social media play a role in the overall advertising strategy of your business?

Are there different ways to target people based on what they post, what kind of content they share, what their interests are?

What sorts of ads and content are you seeing on these websites?

Are they all targeted to the same audience, or are there different kinds of audiences?

Are people sharing things that are different from what they’re posting to other sites?

What do you make of the new ways in a year that have taken place in advertising?

What do you like and dislike about social media, and how does it relate to your business and your customers and your advertisers?