From the front page of the Gucci website, this headline reads: ‘I’ve been looking for the perfect fit for myself’. 

The adverts have been running on Gucci’s website for more than six years and are the first of their kind.

Gucci is the world’s most famous brand, but has long been accused of using its clout to influence politics and influence consumer behaviour.

The ads, which have run for the past six years, feature a smiling model posing with the words ‘I’m not a robot, I’m a human’ scrawled across her bare chest.

The campaign, which has also featured on billboards in London and Sydney, are part of a broader campaign that features images of celebrities like Tom Cruise and the Dalai Lama.

One of the adverts shows a smiling woman posing in the same fashion as the Guccis ad.

A man, dressed in the Guillotines trademark yellow, white and red striped ensemble, sits behind a laptop and reads the ad.

The campaign has also appeared in ads on the Guillard website, a French online shopping site, and on the popular TV show ‘Gucci: Fashionista’. 

It is not the first time Gucci has used its influence to promote itself.

In January 2017, the company launched a new Gucci app to offer consumers information about its products.

‘Gucci adverts are part and parcel of the brand’s campaign to promote its fashion range,’ a spokesperson said at the time.

‘Guillotine is not a Gucci advertisement and we do not promote Guillotine.’

Earlier this year, Gucci made headlines by offering a free iPhone app, which was later pulled, after criticism that it did not have a clear policy on advertising.

Earlier in the year, it was revealed that Gucci was planning to buy online shopping company Ebay. 

In a statement to The Guardian, Gucci said: ‘GuiCipers’ adverts reflect the values and culture of our family, which we strive to embody.

Gucci ad campaigns are not endorsed by the Guillaume family.

The Gucci family’s brand is based on the timeless and timeless Guillote and Guilloto tradition.’

Guillotine is a family-owned and operated company, and it is our firm belief that we must work in the best interests of our business.